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A Nigerian UK Returnee Narrates How He Was Almost Kidnapped by A Lagos Uber Driver

A Nigerian UK Returnee Narrates How He Was Almost Kidnapped by A Lagos Uber Driver

A man simple identified as Tony Namor this evening took to his Facebook wall to narrate how he escaped what he described as a failed kidnap attempt by a Lagos Uber driver when he dozed off on transit.

He posted: Do Not Fall Asleep inside Uber in Naija.

This is my short story
I prompted Uber from Ajah to Ikeja. The driver picked me up and we commenced our journey to Ikeja. On getting to the Adeniji adele axis of the 3rd mainland bridge. I started getting sleepy but I was still very aware of my surroundings. I looked out into the lagoon and said in my mind, that we were approaching the bridge. Momentarily. I dozed off. Maybe I was too comfy with the AC on

Little did I know that the mf was watching me through the inner mirow. A few minutes later. I woke up and looked around me and what I saw blew life out of me. I was in the car. Under the Bagada- Oworosoki express way. At first I said to myself it was a joke and getting in tune with my senses, I realized the driver has veered off the bridge and drove under the gbagada- Oworo side. The place that harbors hoodlums. Mechanics etc

With a loud military command, I asked the driver where he was going. He started murmuring and I told him that I was giving him 2 minutes to return into the main rgettd or he would experience hell. You need to see the fear on his face as he was trying to falsely tell me the GPS took him there. No ! I will not take that nonsense. Emi omo eko. I grew up in Lagos and am very familiar with all those areas.

I yelled at him again to get us out of that damn place or I will deal with him. He hurriedly took us out as we continued our journey to Ikeja.

On getting to our estate. I thought of telling the estate security to detain him but I kind of mellowed and let him go but with a warning .

My people, be very careful when taking those trips
Be alert at all times for you never know. What if

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